it was just a boring day for me. I had attended lectures and tutorials from morning till night. And in between the lectures, i had so much time to loiter and chit chat around. Like i said "We wait for time but time don't wait for us". haih. I'm really tired and sleepy. I just miss taiping and my home. I miss my baby so much.

I just wished i can turn back the time. But it was too late. Oh dear, i terribly hate such feelings when they come. I just HATE them!!!

Now i had experienced it. It was totally true to me. Can i curse it?? hmmm. Stop bothering me with homesickness please!! And please keep my mind away from this! PLEASE, i beg you. :(


  1. I feel the same as you... sobsob!!
    I don't like the feeling after I came back from my home. haihz... i definitely will sad for a few days...

  2. aih..i just hate it.... damn damn...

  3. Miss the sweet scent of our Taman Sentosa morning breeze ?

    Do take care ya ..

    p/s: stick around wif frens .. it helps a lot .. :P

  4. lolx...yeayea...miss sentosa alot... hmm... thanks fren... :D hope it will help me..haha


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