bAck tO nOrMaL

yea... I'm back to normal. haha. was freaking happy yesterday. lol. i had my first dinner outside in this week. I couldnt help it but just to finish up the big portion of the food that i had ordered. haha. too hungry perhaps? hmmm... Maybe i was getting sick of university's cafeteria's chicken rice. That was why i felt it was delicious for me and finished it in one big gulp! lolx. Delicious dinner for me. :D

Nothing much about today. I finished my lecture at 1pm and headed to tbr with my friends to have our lunch. the food that i ordered wasn't nice but it was still edible. hehe. then, i went back and chitchatted with my aunt for almost an hour. Mummy sms-ed me to report to me. haha. And she is in ipoh now attending uncle michael's son wedding dinner at Syuen Hotel. Too bad i'm in kl right now. Or else i will accompany my mummy. haih. :(

Today the weather was rather dark. And it is raining right now. Haih. Can't go to pasar malam later on. sob. So, i will just have to sit at home and do my tutorials and assignment and do some revision. Bubye guys. Chaoz... :D

oh ya...I'm here to wish my friends HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! May all your birthday wishes come true... God bless you guys always.. :D