Can i DIE? I wished to do so right now. I'm wondering whether i had made the right choice. Seriously i felt i will do better in other field. Somehow the interest has turned into hatred. haih. I'm pretty down these days. I wished my friend's advice will work on me. But too bad, i cant control my thinking. I'm dying to know what went wrong. Oh brain, please be back to normal!! :( I left a big space for you but why wouldn't you help me to keep them in my memory and save them? I'm afraid i will disappoint my parents a lot. Oh God, tell me what am i suppose to do?? I'm gonna be insane at any time. Please don't force me to do something which i wouldn't want to do!

A disaster would be best to describe it. I wished to turn back the time and make new choices of my own. I love this but i'm not. DAMN. I think i have to go. Wanna bang the wall anytime. Bubye. Chaoz.

P/s: Stupid stomach! Please stop giving me gastric problems! Haih. I'm pretty stressful already. Iskk iskkk...


  1. hey fenQ... dont always think pessimistic la.. aiyooyoyo....
    you must think of the positive side, in this world nothing to be going so smooth in ur life. These might be the challenge that the GOD gives you in order to test you ... so, u must get through it!! i m believing u that u can do it!! dont giv up!!! like me...!! cheers!!


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