uNiQuE. hAha.

Today is Valentine's Day and i celebrated it with an unique way. Maybe it wasn't unique after all. But it was my first time celebrating it. First i celebrated it by attending a two-hour lecture in university today. After the lecture, my roomie sent me to lrt station and I went shopping. Went shopping ALONE! hehe. It was an experience for me. Not to say fun at all. The people around me were pretty weird today. All of them kept staring at me. How come? What went wrong? Haih. Then, i knew why. No partner beside me because everyone was with their own partners. No wonder. haha. I went to KLCC and have a walk. I didn't have the mood to buy anything at all. Just did some window shopping only. Went to Pavilion after that. Here's the photos that i had taken. Pavilion is celebrating its first year anniversary. =)

I went in a few shops but i didnt get to buy anything. Wanted to get a pair of heels for myself but my intention to do so was cancelled. :( Finally i went back home and was surprised to find no one in the house. haih. pity me. All my hosuemates had their own plan of celebrating valentine's day. And i just spent my time onlining and blogging. I even took the opportunity to call my mum and aunt and chitchatted for hours. haha. Later my sis called me and again, we chitchatted nonstop. LOL.

Meantime while i got nothing to do, i camwhored while studying. haha.

My fave ---> (hehe)

And that's the end of the day.

Oh ya, i wanted to introduced to you my used-to-be favourite food when i was in secondary school. And this freaking food made me who i am today!! DAMN you! lolx. It can really make me fat and stout. When i recalled back, it was freaking awful to think how much i ate and how fat i am at that time! But thanks to my friends when i was in lower six. They kept reminding me that i was fat and that agitated me to exercise when i was in lower six. Thanks alot! But if i were given a chance to turn back that time, i rather chose not to eat this food anymore and back to my old skinny look when i was young. Haih. This memory had stucked in my mind for years and i wouldn't want to forget it cause i'm starting to grow fat again. Haih. Have more DETERMINATION please! :(


  1. hahahaha!!! it's okay to be single girl!! but that rota was delicious! cant blame u. =)

  2. lol... yeayea...it tempted me alot wen i was at secondary school. and i hardly can find them in tpg aso... hahah


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