Yesterday i would say i enjoyed myself a lot. Shuyin and friends came and fetched me to have dinner. :) At first, we planned to eat at Genting Klang. But in the end, shu yin changed her mind. lolx. it's been quite a long time since i had dinner with them. After dinner, they wantd to look at my house. haha. poor thing! my housemate was noisy. Crapping all the way. haha. But I can feel shuyin was happy for me cause i stayed in a good environment. thanks babe. Like you said yesterday, no matter how far we stay as long we maintain our friendship, that matters the most. right? hm. I slept quite late yesterday cause i couldn't sleep. Nowdays i kept on sleeping in the afternoon cause i was sick. feeling so restless to do anything. but thank god i could spare some of my time at night to do something important. :D

Today i have to attend a lecture and maybe i will do some shopping alone. Maybe i will just go for a walk since i need to relax to right? hee. :D Chaoz... Tata.. will be right back in the evening. =)