A bad day.

I'm not feeling well today. Maybe this was due to the steamboat i had yesterday night with my housemates and neighbours. :) I hadn't eaten steamboat for few years. Since my grandma wasnt here, we didn't have the mood to have steamboat on Chinese New Year. =( And seriously i miss her a lot. =( I know it is a tradition of having steamboat on reunion dinner.

Never knew i could end up in sore throat and coughing the next morning. The worst part was i was having bad stomachache too. I had wind in my stomach. Freaking painful. =( I couldnt bear the pain. haih. Thanks to my dear roomie. She gave me medicine to eat and i dozed off very quickly without knowing what was going on.

Eventually my coursemates came to my house to join us to celebrate Kheng Hooi's birthday. We waited for hours and finally he was there. hehe. We didnt celebrate at high class restaurant but just a mamak shop. Not bad actually. A lot of people came and celebrated for him. hehe. A big celebration though. We bought a cake to trick him. A friend of his managed to push his face right onto the cake. Eww. I guessed half of the cake was smashed. lolx.

Then we had mamak food and chitchatted. We took pictures before we went back. Fun i would say. I'm happy today though i'm sick. Today i'm not planning to do anything. But just to rest. Chaoz. =)

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