FunNy pLus StrAnGe

I can't help it but i am starting to believe in horoscopes. From the moment, i knew that the horoscopes are true about my characters and personalities, i am starting my first move to read them almost everyday without fail. =.=""""" Till now i still couldn't understand why would people believe in horoscopes or zodiacs? After all, human beings are the one who created them. I can always create one on my own and make people believe in it right? ZZZzzz. But right now, i will be the one who believe in them. Haha. Isn't that funny?

Here's my horoscope of the day. =)


Today's Full Moon, a lunar eclipse, brings family and career issues to a head. You may need to deal with an unexpected event, but in reality it has been brewing for some time. You can emerge the hero if you stay calm and try to keep your family's best interests at heart at all times. If tension and pressure are getting to you, go for a brisk walk. Propitious colours are emerald green and red garnet. Lucky numbers are 4 and 10.

P/s: Oh ya, i am supposed to go to shu yin's house today but it was cancelled. =( haih.