An Amazing Experience. =)

It was on Friday. I attended class from morning till 2pm. Had group discussion with group mates for awhile and went back at 3pm. As soon as i reached home, i had fruits for lunch and did some revision. At night, i got myself ready and prepared to go out with yin. Both of us had promised each other to have dinner at least once a week. And that's our PROMISE towards each other. hehe. :)

Later Js came to pick me up from metroview and we are off to ampang! Hooray! I went with yin,js, lam2 and yingyue. Our main purpose is to have dinner at the mountain top where we got to see the whole view of KL. Thanks to him alot. OR else i wont be able to get such opportunity to go to such place.


another view

Oh gosh! Before we reach to the hill top, i was fully amazed by the views. Superb amazing and beautiful. We had our dinner at Look Out Point. When we reached there, we were surprised. It was quite late at night and yet more people came and even waited to be served by the waiters and waitresses. Thank god we had places to sit. :) We quickly ordered western food. hmm. hungry!! haha.

While waiting for few minutes for our dinner to come, suddenly music filled the air. It was a birthday song. There were two gangs celebrating their friends' birthday. Wow! it was my experience seeing people celebrating birthday with such romantic view. One day, i will strongly recommend my future boyfriend to come here next time.. =)

Finally our food had arrived. As usual, we took pictures of our food. Haha.

yin, js and mine. hehe.

It was my first time having dinner at such place. :) Then, we quickly finished up our dinner and moved on to our next plan- TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS!! Haha. But the food wasnt really that nice after all. hmm. We then walked around the place and took a lot of photographs. :)

the girls

lam2, yingyue, jiunn shyan and i. :)

the dark side. sorry for the lousy camera phone.

my bestie. :)

we were busy watching the view ok? =P

a shot before we went back

We went back after this. I was happy though i need to attend classes at 8am the next morning. Hope to go again. hehe. Thanks a lot! =)