Early Birthday Celebration

Woke up early and did some revision. Daddy cooked fried bihun for us as breakfast.

Below were the photos of us before we went out for luncheon. Initially we took a lot but sis didnt let me upload cause due to certain reasons. She claimed that those photos are private and confidential. Only i can view them. Haih. How i wish i can upload them and share with all of you. :(

Later my sis and I followed mum to have a luncheon. It was regarding new year celebration. I hugged auntie Toh before we went back. :D later we headed to bank . Damn. There were a lot of cars as usual. Thanks to mummy. We had the best parking space. Hahah. Later we went to buy something at the supermarket. We even bought a cake. I wanted to celebrate sis bday early. :D

Later on, my cousins came to visit us. They went back on that day. We celebrated together with our cousins. :D We sang birthday song and cut the cake. We took pictures again as usual. Haha.

I even took a few pictures with my dearest cousin. :D Then they went back to kl after that. Haih. Miss you a lot. See you in kl. :D

At night bro, sis jolynn, sis and I went to watch a movie entitled ‘The Wedding Game”. It was our first time watching movie together. :) We went out rather early cause we were afraid that we might stucked in traffic jam. Thank god we managed to get there on time. But there were many people waiting outside the cinema. We prayed hard so that we would be able to watch that movie. And thank god the tickets weren’t sold out. But unfortunately we had to sit the first row due to many people watching that particular movie.

The movie was rather interesting. Poor thing! All of us had to tilt our head up to watch the big screen on the wall. But overall it was really nice and funny. :D We laughed a lot till nonstop. LOLX. Sorry for my behaviour that night. I even stretched out my legs flatly on the couch. Oh ya, I met siew ching before we went in. She was watching the same movie as well. =)

After the midnight movie, we went back home and slept after that. :D I had a wonderful day. =)