Cool Girl.


Lately I've been thinking a lot about the idea 
of a "Cool Girl." You hear most men using the term, and some
Men everywhere, without ever having talked to
 each other, share a common idea about women and 
use the term "Cool Girl" universally. In some places the actual words are different,
but the idea is the same. But what does it actually MEAN?

And is it important that men all have this 
common belief about women?

Well, after thinking about this particular 
topic for a long time, I've come to the conclusion 
that it is a VERY important topic. At this point, I believe that a COOL GIRL is 
this "ideal" that men imagine when they're saying 
"I want my freedom." They're thinking of the COOL GIRL, and then 
they're imagining themselves with a woman who is
 this way. There are a lot of aspects to this COOL GIRL.

Here are a few that are important:
- Lack of Insecurities
- Easygoing
- Humor
- Unpredictability
- Independent
- Emotionally "balanced"
...and the list goes on.

It's actually not easy to describe a COOL GIRL 
in a few sentences... but the truth is that a man 
can recognize one INSTANTLY. For more on exactly what a COOL GIRL is, how 
they naturally communicate with men in a way that 
makes men think, "This is the kind of woman that I
can see myself committing and staying with..."