To Someone wHo is Special to mE...

Sorry guys.. i won't blog about my university life today or the chinese new year break which i promised to blog about them. Today i'm here to blog about someone who is special to me in my life. Woot! Don't mistaken! I'm not going to talk about my boyfriend anyway. Haha. I'm talking about my little girl! My one and only sister in my whole entire life!

And today is her birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!! I knew right now you are in National Service and won't be able to read this specially-written blog just for you. :D

Since small, our bond is very strong. Even though we quarrelled sometimes, it would just last for few minutes or maybe few SECONDS! heehee. Please do not try to break the bond cause it WONT HAPPEN!! :P

It was my pleasure to have her in my life. Without her, hmm... My life will be totally so dull and meaningless! She always claim herself as the biggest mistake for existing in this world. HAHA. But nothing can change it. Accidents cant be changed anyway. All you have to do is to accept it. And frankly speaking, i never felt regret to have her even though it was made by an accident.

She is the happy-go-lucky girl. That makes me admire her all the time. She never let tiny little matters affect her life. All she did was just forgot about everything happened and start anew. AMAZING RIGHT?? NOTHING can really bother her. Maybe others think she is weird. hmm.. Never mind. I don't really care about it. :P

But if you guys ever hurt her, so sorry! She won't hate you guys. But she won't let you see her face appeared in front of you anymore. That's her character.

Seriously she helps me a lot. I never doubt her sincerity towards me. After all, both of us are sisters. =) She talks and listens to you all the time with lots of philosophy of hers. haha. But i won't feel bored listening to them. For once, i found out that she protects and cares for me a lot. I would do the same thing to her as well. So please, never do something to hurt any of us cause both of us will feel hurt at the same time.

She is just a friend to me. NO!! She is my sister as well. :P She knows the other side of me which no one knows about it. Maybe others might knew about it. But not too detail in it. SORRY! heehee...

And today, she is turning 18. I can't believe it with my own eyes. Time flies pretty fast. Right now, i wish her all the best in everything she does and enjoy your life in NATIONAL SERIVCE ok??? Take care girl. Hope to see you after that. OH ya, GOOD LUCK IN YOUR RESULTS!!!! muackss... <3