I have this strong emotional effect on it. (OBVIOUSLY). Duh! How could someone just get off from it so soon? That's pretty fast. Isn't that life is beyond our expectation? I could not really open up myself to such cruel world seriously. I thought i would have make it through myself and made myself a pretty good ending. I guessed. ( It turned out to be the bad one. Haih.) Seriously i could not tell any of my dearest about it no matter how. Perhaps i did. But it only happened when they found out that something had gone wrong with me.

I had seriously tried my very best to uncover the truth but no one would ever give me the chance to do so. On the other hand, people might thought that i'm over. (GAME OVER) But i didn't. I pretended so hard. Couldn't find one to hear me out and cried in front of them.

"Woi. Please! Don't keep to yourself anymore ok? Shhh...." Haha. I'm scolding myself. :P My horoscope ruined my whole life. :( Why would you give me such description and make me suffer? Adui. Never know i still couldnt get rid of it. LOL. I hope i can laugh louder than usual. I still have to go on with my life no matter how tough, sad or happy it is right? hmm...

P/s: *Making one evil wish* hohohoho. You can say that i'm bad but i'm forced to.

Indeed i was wrong. I knew it. I just made a huge mistake for not listening. Haih. "Apa la lu. Kenapa bodoh sgt? Selalu pun macam tu. Kan saya dah cakap? Degil betul." You are right! I'm stubborn. So what? I have to remind myself for not trying that again. No point at all. Useless i would say. I trusted it blindly. TOO BLIND till i cant see the surroundings. haha.

Alright. I will continue it later in the evening. More to blog after this. Chaos.