Haih...Why didnt the time wait for me??? All i can do is to wait for the time to pass each day. *sigh*

Here was the blog during my CNY BREAK. Sorry for the late post. hm.. was waiting for the pics to reach into my hand. and finally i got them. whee. :)

Woke up early and went jogging alone. For your information, i didnt jog for weeks. Practically i was lazy and secondly my passion for jogging has reduced. Maybe cause my daddy complained that i grew thinner. Oh GOD! i didnt! Instead im getting fatter day by day. Each time im back from kl, my daddy will say my face is getting smaller. Smaller face doesnt mean im getting thinner. haha. What a good theory my daddy has! hehe. And my main purpose to jog is to make my body fit and healthy. Haih.

Sis followed me cause she was meeting her friends. But I went back alone. Crapped with my daddy and mummy as usual after breakfast. And bro went to ipoh without us. sob.

Nothing much to do. So I just stayed at home. I went to my friend’s house to collect stuffs later on. Then went back home. Siew Wen and Siew Ching planned to visit me. I waited for them to come. When they came, my relatives came to visit us too. My cousin is getting married this coming may. Looking forward to meet up with all my cousins again. :D

trying to get a dimple on my cheek. lol.

camwhored while my sis was driving. heeheeee..

holding peki. :P

my dearest =)

baby and i.

was being locked up in jail. lol. :P

with our hair being tied up. haha

How i wished i can stop the time. How i wished that i can adjust the clock time on my own. But i guessed it was totally IMPOSSIBLE!! *sigh*


  1. i like to go lake garden jogging, but Taiping always raining...(~_~)


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