Sorry for my emo-ness. I'm feeling real blue today. Not wanting to let people know actually. But my bloggie is the only friend that allows me to pour all my sadness onto it. Thanks bloggie! Without you, i guessed i'm already in Hospital Bahagia not long ago.

Alright back to my topic. I'm super emotional today. Hoping someone will rescue me a moment ago. But too bad he just managed to help me for that moment. Not for long. Haih. ( Your magical power isn't strong, my dear. :P ) I wouldn't want him or others to worry about me cause it's freaking stupid to think about it. In first place, i shouldn't have read the novel. If not, i wouldn't be in such condition. ( Maybe it is good also if i read about it. Or else i will suffer more ) But it sounded totally wrong! My friends don't even believe people like me will learn to forgive people. LOLX.

My studies is my biggest problem for now. Freaking tough! S***. I couldn't assure myself whether i had picked the right one. But its my interest!! ( ala. Interest sometimes also can fade wan okay? You tak tahu ker? Bodoh! ) How many times must I tell you??? DUhh! I tried to convince myself that i can do it. But it seems i cant. *sad look* I'm praying hard that i can score well and pass with flying colours. Must prove to everyone that i can do it! PROVE to friends that i didnt make the wrong choice of becoming chemical engineer ok??!! Don't ever feel regret of anything! NEVER!


p/s: missing my loved ones. =(