usuaL daY...

I woke up early. Haha. Normal for me. I got used of waking up early every day. Don't be surprised ok? lol. I followed my friend's car to university to attend lecture today. Haih. Lecture to be attended on Saturday you know?? Sob. Right after lecture, my friend sent me to shuyin's house to collect books. hm. the feelings i used to have had back to me at that moment. :D Missed those feelings. Later on, we had lunch at wangsa and headed to KLCC to watch movie. I didn't plan to watch cause i wasn't in a good mood. But never mind. As long there's a way to reduce stress, i willing to do so. Watched All's Well End's Well. Nice movie though. Funny i would say. haha. At least i could spend my time watching movie without stress for once. =) After movie, we walked around before we went back. We went to jusco after that. I wanted to buy some stuffs and my chair of course. Heehee. A lot of things to buy and to my surprise, i spent rather a lot today. =( I spotted two pairs of heels which i wanted badly. But i wouldn't want to buy them due to certain reasons. haih. Some other time then. :)

Went back home after that and there's my day. It ended with tiring look of mine. Hope to go to shuyin's house tomorrow. =) Looking forward.