Handed Up. :)

I had handed up my maths assignment yesterday. I felt relieved to know that i had solved an assignment. HAHa. But they are still more to go. Thermodynamics quizes and Dynamics exam are coming on my way by next week. Heat and Mass Transfer's assignment will be passed up on the 8th week. Fluid Mechanics exam will be held on the week 8th on Saturday. Introduction to Chemical Engineering assignment will be due by next week. I'm trying hard to finish the slides and the technical reports. Hopefully i can complete them by this week as I had promised my friends. =) Thank god i had finished up my individual report and needed to recheck it again for confirmation before handing up.

I slept rather early yesterday as I'm freaking tired to study after finding some informations regarding my group assignment. Thank god i managed to finish part of it. And i will continuethem in the evening and discuss with my group mate by tomorrow. :) Yesterday, i was freaking pissed off. But i wouldn't mention it here. Seriously i need someone to share my problems with. But it seems that no one could do so. What we talk normally is nonsense and jokes all the time. I wouldn't talk but just to listen to them cause i cant tell jokes. Zzzz.. How lame am i huh?

That is why people tend to hate me. I knew people hate me a lot. But just they wouldn't want to tell me. If anybody could confront me about it, i will be delighted to hear so as i can learn from mistakes. Telling lies to my friends and family is the most ever guilty things i would do. Seriously, few years back, after lying to my parents make me sad for so long. But people don't seem to understand me. Instead all they want is just for their own good. They only want something that will bring benefit to them. All right! Then, next time would you be happy if you do so? I will guess it's a NO right?

People nowadays tend to avoid the facts they had gone through. They didn't want to accept the facts (just like me. Zzzz) And officially i'm here to announce that i'm a failure! haha. But I just did it. The sentences above would be best describe me for the past few years. But right now, i DONT think so. Why would i remember about it whereas i have showered myself with family and friends' love?

Love is an undying stuff to do. Love is an abstract thing that we couldn't see. For all you need is to experience it before. I guessed everyone experience it. Right now i'm in love with my books and things around me. It is called love too. Love can be divided into different kinds of love. But one thing for sure, if you hate that person, that means you really love that person. When a person accidentally or purposely hurt your feelings even though it was just a small matter, you could really feel a few cuts on the heart. If people whom you didn't love said something that might hurt you but you tend not to get hurt at all, that is for sure that these people don't really mean something in your heart.

I had experienced that before. Even though we are friends after for quite sometimes, each word that comes from the mouth of that particular people will always remember in our tiny heart. Sometimes we were angry for what that person had said and not just to simply make ourself angry. But that particular person always think that we get angry easily cause we don't love them anymore. HAHA. That sounded quite funny when i recalled back.

Every story has its own endings and i chose to pick the bad ending. It wasn't really bad after all cause i DESERVE it. I'm bad and bitch after all. Everyone knew it. It was just something they wouldn't want to mention that in front of me. Hmm. All i can do now is sit back and relax my bladdy brain. I need them urgently! COME BACK MY BRAIN!! HEHE.. Chaos. I would like to thank myself for the ending. Thanks janice. haha. :P