2nd day of CNY.. :D

It’s the second day of Chinese new year. I woke up rather early today. Supposed to go jogging alone but my plan was cancelled. I had to meet my smc gang in lake garden at 9am. For your information, i didnt dress up cause i rode bike to lake garden. hehe. sorry for my dressing. I went there rather early cause I wanted to meet up with Wei Wen. Miss her. Didnt see her for quite sometimes. We chatted awhile while waiting for my friends to come. Later she went back and here were my friends. Anita came first. Later on, meow came and I hugged her. Miss her so much. Spotted Su Yee. Oh no! Su Yee is so fair. She looked like a Korean. Haha. Didnt see her for almost 2years. Then, Lay Ann, and Joann came.

Nicole couldn’t come early cause she woke up late. Lolx. I miss her a lot though we just met each other last month. Hmm. Annie came later on. We took a lot of pictures as well. You know we left SMC for almost 4years. So we will take such opportunity to take a lot of pictures. Seriously, I did miss all of them. Especially the time where all of us hung out together right after class and during recess. No matter where you guys are, the friendship bond will always remain in my heart. This is a PROMISE! For those who went to oversea to further their studies, always remember Convent girls ok? :) Remember Convent’s spirit! I really love you guys a lot. Thanks for the time girls. =)

I went back rather early. So sorry guys. Couldn’t join all of you for brunch. I had to visit my relative’s house. Oh ya, my plan to meet up with linet was cancelled too due to heavy rain. Haih. Miss linet a lot. Never mind. I still can meet her in kl if I’m free. I was glad to see my nephews and nieces. They were so lovely. :)

Below was the photo of me and Desmond. :D

Again I took a lot of pictures. Haha. My favourite pastime. I love my cute niece. I just love her BIG eyes. Hehe.

Let me introduce to you ---->my niece. Below were the pictures of her. hehe.

I took a nap in my aunt’s house. Hehe. I was so bored that I took a nap together with my sis and my niece. About 7pm, I woke up and had my dinner- LAKSA. Then, we went to my aunt’s house to pick my aunt there. Oh no, I saw my cousins. I would say I miss them. I used to play and stay with them when I was young. They are just like my siblings. No matter how old are we, we are still that close. =)

Finally I went back to my beloved home. =) I love my home. I felt cold and it’s rather cooling. I had a great time. Hopefully, my CNY break in Taiping will be used up to the fullest. Hehe. :D


  1. u also enjoyed ur cny very much! good.. hope u hav a better year!
    happy always!...take care


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