Alright! I'm lying! My life isn't good at all. Sorry baby! I lied to you. =( How i wished i can borrow your shoulder to cry on. I really need you. I was just pretending to be brave in front of you girl. So sorry. =( But i told myself not to cry already. Not anymore. Even though my heart is aching, i can't cry. PLEASE be strong and tough okay? Don't let it affect me anymore! It's just a minor wound. It can be cured easily. Let it heal slowly. I WILL! I CAN! If i can, i can! That's the spirit my parents wanna see! oops. I shouldn't be like this. Or else someone will laugh at me. HAHA. 

Do not let idiot people take charge of your whole life! Not worth it. You rule the life of your own. You determine it. Do not hesitate to do whatever you want. Just go for it! =)