a tiring day.

After three hours of lectures in uni today, we went for course structure briefing at lecture hall. after that, my friend drove me to shuyin's house to collect my stuffs that were left there. whee. i had completed another task which wasnt accomplished yesterday. then, we hurriedly went to jusco to buy my table and book shelf. hmm. had dinner in jusco. yay! i managed to buy all of them. but too bad i didnt get a chair cause the car was too full with my things. Zzzz. hmm. Went back ASAP and fixed my table and book shelf. Hooray! I got a new table. whee. thanks to my housemates and friends for helping me. without them, i won't be able to complete them on time and blog right now. hehe. a tiring day for me. hope tomorrow will be a better day for me. looking forward to have same lecture with shuyin. :D nites everyone. =)