i'm back..

i'm back in kl 4hours ago. dad and i started our journey at 7.45am. we reached ipoh in less than an hour!! scary.. can you believe that? less than an hour!! haha. dad was speeding at 140km/h. we went to uncle michael's house to drop my things in uncle's car. after that, we went for breakfast. my beloved dimsums. yummy! we continued our journey to kl about 9.15am. uncle michael sped rather fast in between 140km/h and 150km/h. but i couldnt feel the speed cause i was sitting on BMW. heehee.. oh ya! uncle and auntie michael were so sweet. auntie called uncle michael, "baby". at such age, they were still that lovely. hehe. i envied them. haha.

as soon as i reached kl, i bid farewell to my dad, uncle and auntie michael. thanks alot uncle. i did appreciate a lot. thanks for treating me like a small kid. :D i wanted to cry when uncle michael told me not to do so. haha. but i managed to control myself from crying. whee. a tough girl i would say. lolx. havent blog the other half of the day. hehe. i will continue it in another post. :)