what is wrong with me?

What is going on with me? I couldn't sleep at this time. Normally i will sleep and reach my dreamland. Why would this happen? Something struck my mind. I felt sad suddenly. I wanted to cry. And my tears started rolling down my cheeks. Finally i did it! haha. I hope it was a dream for me. But it wasn't. It was reality! The fact is just right in front of me! I have to learn to accept it no matter how! Oh gosh! Where is my baby?? Seriously i need her right now!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!

Never once i felt down like this. I felt the world had come to an end. But my angel kept telling me not to do so. On the other hand, my devil kept asking me to do the thing that i was not suppose to do. Perhaps i was thinking too much. I should be sleeping now and not thinking of something which was ridiculous. Can God tell me what should i do? Can God give me a few choices for me to choose? Which path should i lead to?

Everything came so sudden. TOO sudden i would say. Pretty hectic with it. Especially when i'm facing many problems right now. My heart beats very slow. Slower than usual. Could it be too many problems in my mind making me feel uneasy about it? Maybe i should learn to let it go. And seriously i learnt to let it go. How come i still feel i can't breathe? And how come i still feel that my brain is getting heavier than before? Oh no! I must solve it A.S.A.P before my university life starts. Or else i will be suffering from stress. PLEASE HELP ME!! *silently praying to GOD*