few more days to go..

few more days to go and my university life gonna start soon. oh no!! that's freaking fast! i'm sad and delighted at the same. first of all, i'm sad cause i need to leave taiping again. secondly, i'm delighted cause i get to meet my coursemates. lolx. miss all of them so much. :D looking forward to see you guys and of course looking forward to have same lectures with shuyin, eelaine and yingyue too. whee..

how time flies! i'm already in the second semester of year one. i could still remember that this date of year 2008, i was working in livng cabin. my first day working in living cabin. just can't believe with my own eyes, i'm going to 21 on November. hmm.. but still my parents treat me like a small girl. haha. wherever i go, i would still have to report to them. i will do so cos i don't want them to worry about me even though i'm not by their side. right now, going out at night is still a problem for me. got curfew ler... ( MUST go back before 11.30pm)!! haha.

i always thought a guy friend will help me a lot especially i'm alone by myself. going to university alone almost everyday and going shopping alone aren't good. (dangerous in kl you know? ) but from now on, i need not to worry anymore cause i got great friends in kl. shuyin---> a friend who supported me all the way from the bottom of her heart. she never fail to take care of me though i'm older than her. haha. my bestie since secondary school. :) ningxin, weisien and hong huei ---> friends who teached me a lot in my studies though we know each other for short period. my first friends when i first came to utar. they were nice and friendly to me. happy to know them. thanks babes. :D