Shhh...i had skipped my dinner. too full to eat cause i had my lunch at 3 something. haih. no proper eating time again. =( sob. how come i will be like this? i wanna to study too!!! but i don't have books. sob. wasting another day again. hm. wish can jump from my house. it's tall you know? haha. but right at the bottom, the swimming pool is placed over there. oh gosh! i had forgotten to exercise!!! damn damn.. skipped again? since when i become so lazy? stupid girl!!! please have more determination and strong will power okay? friends were complaining that i had grown fatter. shit!! useless janice. real useless.

i'm all alone in the room now reading old books. wish that a friend of mine can lend me his novel entitled 'Forgiveness' ASAP. I could see from the summary of the book that the novel seems interesting. I'm looking forward to read it. hehe. Chaoz...bubye.. miss my family so much! how come my baby dint call me? *waiting* haih..