Chinese New Year eve. =D

25th January 2009

Hooray! It was Chinese New Year eve. I was so glad. Was supposed to do the last cleaning before preparing for Chinese new year. My dad woke up early and cooked curry bihun for all of us. Hmm. delicious! And fyi I couldnt eat spicy food. So I just tasted a lil bit. But it was nice. :D Then, here was the chores of the day- BAKING cakes. I helped my aunt to bake layered cakes. Baking cakes were fun. Hehee. And again I took a lot of pics of them. Lolx.

I took a nap after that. Tired! Later sis woke up saying that she wanna go to tesco. Alright! We went. Bro fetched us there. He was meeting his friend in town, so he dropped us by. Oh god, there was traffic congestion. Haih. Bro just dropped us by the road side and went off. Sis wanted to get something for her friends. So we went searching to look for the best gifts. In tesco, I met Rachel and Mei Ching. Long time no see girls. :D

We took a picture of us. hehe. :D

We went back home after that. Dad prepared for the reunion dinner. Lolx. My dad is good at cooking. :D We had our dinner and I helped mum to do the household chores later on.

At night, my friend visited me. We chatted awhile. He had to go back cause he had to go for a drink with friends. Then, I continued watching tv. I couldn’t sleep till 1smth in the morning though I was so tired. :(