another post of the day....

My life is really dull and boring. My hp will be quiet when my sister didnt reply me. sob. I miss her suddenly. Miss chatting with her. Miss lying on my bed and chit chatting with her. Haih. Perhaps i will try to get new number. Like i said. I wanna change myself. Turn myself into the brand new janice. I am no longer the stupid and naive bitch anymore. 
Definitely for sure i have to change everything new since i wanna be the brand new janice. Hehe. So i will consider to change new phone number and new handphone as well (consider first and not sure about it yet). If wanna change number, i have to get another phone. So TROUBLESOME!! Provided my lil sis gave me hers. Lolx. (taking advantage again). And this year i'm going to buy a new camera. MUST get it no matter how. 

The current janice is no longer live with hopes and promises. What i can do i will do. What i CANT do, i WILL do too. But with NO high hopes on it. Dont ever hope for something that will never happen in your life anymore and something that i dont deserve to give and take at all. 

This year of 2009 really brings a lot changes in my life. My mum always said that to me- we dont know what might happen in future and we cant predict it. That's how it ended up like this. I will just have to accept it. I cant change my fate unless im the GOD!! 

From now on, i have to learn to be self independent again. I will not have friends to lend me their shoulders anymore. I will just have to solve on my own starting from TODAY!

If there are still friends who are there for me, i just wanna say, " Thank you for lending me a helping hand when i need it". And i wont be forgetting you guys. don't worry okay? You guys are always remain in my heart though we are far apart. :) 

And to those i had been hurting a lot, please do forgive me. I don't wish to do so. Just hope you guys will accept my apology. But if you guys need my help, i will be there for you. And i will try my very best to help. 

Now i had experienced it. DAMN. Never mind. Bear with it!! Please BEAR with it okay???? Maybe God want me to suffer and learn a lesson. Hmm. Yes!! God is RIGHT!  And i accepting it now. I believe it with my own eyes finally. I really had learnt a lesson. and it's a BIG lesson for me. I would never take things for granted anymore. No more!! Learn to do it on my own and not taking advantage on people anymore.

For once i will prove to God that i can DO it! Please believe in me. I will! I wont make you disappointed and upset about me. And that is