A Great Day. :D

Yesterday we only had two-hour lecture - Introduction to Chemical Enginneering. :) After the lecture, my course mates and i went to Midvalley. We went there by commuter. And it is my first time on a commuter. hehe. So outdated huh? Somehow i wished it was the type of commuter i'm expecting. haha.

So sorry! My photography skill wasn't that good. hehe. Then, we went to The Gardens to have our lunch. Damn. I was very hungry. Leong Chye suggested Sushi Zanmai as our lunch. The landscape and decorations were nice.

Above pictures of decorations and landscapes that were taken by me in Sushi Zanmai. :) Below were the pictures taken. I wouldn't want to elaborate more. Let the pictures do the talkings. hehe.

Later we walked over to Midvalley and bought tickets to watch movie. We stood there for so long thinking of what kind of movie should we watch. They were keep arguing about movies to watch. lolx. Finally they had decided to watch "Bedtime Stories". Another friend of mine watched anoher movie. He insisted to watch it alone. haha. Pity him. The movie was awesome. The lil actor and actress were cute. hehe. After 7pm we went for shopping. I didn't shop cause i got nothing to buy. Maybe i was in consideration. haha. Save money la!!! Aiyo. Later on, i spotted Jeffery- the 8tv host. He was damn cute! He was busy filming about something. Wasn't quite sure what was he doing there. He was busy talking all the way. Maybe in conjunction with Chinese New Year? Then, I took a few pictures of decorations in Midvalley.

My friends bought her stuffs for Chinese New Year while i just did window shopping. :) We went to have our dinner at Kenny Roger's. Kenny Roger's was having promotion at that time. BUY 1 FREE 1!! Who wouldn't want to miss such opportunity? As i know the food over there are damn expensive. Luckily, there were 8 of us. We just bought 4 sets. That means We will get 8sets. :) hmm.. we went back after that. Thanks for everything. :)