a memorable day..

it's been long time since i saw you. do you remember those times where we used to go for tuition classes together? can you remember there was once my mummy came and fetched you with my cousins and aunties around? hehe. those days will always remain in my heart. we share jokes and laughter around no matter we were in school or in tuition centre. i really missed those times. especially when you came to our class and started making jokes and the best thing was every guys in our class were afraid of you. haha. thanks for everything. thanks for fetching me to school when i was having problems. i really appreciate that a lot.

meeting you yesterday was fun. we chit-chatted nonstop as usual. crap from zero to something. most importantly thanks for supporting me. :D finally both of us got to sit down on a proper place and started talking. talking about our life and problems. hehe. thanks a lot swee ling. i gonna miss you a lot. don't worry about me already. hehe. i'm going to be 21 soon. haha. muaxx.. =)

later in the evening, i went for a jog. it was hot at first. but i managed to hide from sun. hehe. my sis called and talked to me.at midnight, i couldn't sleep but chatted with my friend. thank you for spending your time chitchatting with me on the phone. =) gonna miss you so much.. take care everyone...