It's been weeks that my mind was stucked. It was rather hard for me to brainwash it. It took me quite long to recover it on my own. It was easy to involve but it wasn't easy to let it go. My sister kept scolding me since the first day i knew it. But still i wasn't feel that good. Thanks to my girls for keeping me company. I felt i wasn't alone after all. Thanks a lot. Thanks for letting me know the true colours of myself. I was pretty lousy and weak at that moment. Sorry guys. Life will never be good if a major thing never happened once in your life. I guessed i will learn to appreciate the things around me - my family, my first priority. STUDIES is up next. And not forgetting, my great friends around me.

When i was down, my lil girl wasnt by my side. That made me felt down. The serious type ever. Cause i couldn't find anyone to talk to me. Thank god! My mummy was there. My mummy is just like my best friend. She lent me her shoulders for me to cry on. Mummy knew it was hard for me to accept it. I even pretended not to cry in front of her. But in the end, i couldnt. Tears kept rolling down my cheeks making my mummy felt sad at that time. Sorry mummy. I'm useless at that time. I knew. Just i couldn't take it. But right now, i'm alright. :) I wont be making my mummy worrying about me anymore.

Right now, i have to make myself busy so that i will stop myself from thinking about it. And it really help if only my friends are beside me. My friend even said that never let me sit alone and do nothing. This will make me think too much. HAHA. She understands me well. :P

Time flies! I remembered how they used to tell me when i first came into this university. Oh GOSH! haha. I wouldnt want to mention it here cause it was rather humiliating. :P Right now, everything will have a good start. Like i said new year, new aim, new determination and new BRAIN!! haha. Everything will be new. A scorpion like me is poisonous. Beware of me ok?? lolx.

Besides, always remember to forgive a person who might hurt you before. A friend of mine who lent me the novel had learnt to be more forgiving. Just like me! haha. Both of us knew what is good and what is wrong for us. It really worked. Your life will be interesting and fun if you continue learning to forgive people. I felt myself changing a lot after that incident. I had changed. haha. My friend was proud of me. He said he felt happy for me. lolx. Thanks for the time again. :D Love you guys. muax muax. =)