Back in taiping. :)

After my two hours of lecture yesterday, we went for lunch at tbr. nx fetched fh and i to lrt station. on our way to puduraya, i was lost. lolx. couldnt find my way to pudu. haha. bad experience for me. I even sweated a lot. Like bathing in sweats. :P While waiting for the bus, i bought a magazine to read. Too much time for me to dream. Instead i took the time to read up my favourite magazine- SHAPE. :)

I got on to the bus and said good bye to fh. hmm. got on the bus and continued reading my magazine till i dozed off. One and a half hour later, i woke up. And to my surprise, the bus sped rather fast. 3 and a half hour later, i reached at simpang. Brother and mummy fetched me back. Oh ya, bro bought new hp. hoho. Ugly phone. lolx. hmm.i took a few pictures with his new phone. :P

Later daddy, mummy, bro and i went to hawker centre. I ate my favourite soya beancurd. hehehe. Yummy yummy. hmm. at night, chatted with my aunt. After watching tv, i continued reading my mag till i dozed off. haha. Had a wonderful dream. =) My baby is coming back tomorrow!! wheee..... got a surprise for her. :P She said she miss me a lot and seriously i miss her too. =) love you baby. remember our mission. hehe. looking forward to have pillow talk with her everyday. blek. miss ya... muax muax