great time... =)

Though the time for us to be together is short, i really enjoyed a lot. my daddy didnt go and pay a visit to my sis. only my mummy and i went since dad was busy. he had to work. haih. never mind. and it's my first time been to my sister's camp. my mummy drove there. when we reached, i was surprised. the place was not bad. and i was really surprised to see my little baby. oh gosh! how come she looked so fair? crazy. she looked thinner. haha. and the funniest part was she wore a L size uniform. she looked funny in it. haha. we chit-chatted as usual. nonstop talking. we even took pictures. :P she told us all the things that happened in the camp. hehe. we chatted till 1pm cause she needed to go to temple. aww...gonna miss you again cause i cant see you on the 18th. sob. i gave her a big hug and kisses before we left. see you during chinese new year if can.. =)

ss-ing in the car. hehe

my baby took this pic of me with the visitor's pass. lolx

my little girl and i. (please excuse me for my small eyes.hehe)

my mummy and her darling. =)