different. hmmph.

i felt the whole environment was different. especially course mates that are in the same group as me pretended not to know me. hmmph. fine! i didnt do anything wrong. but whatever. as long i'm in the mood of studying and my goal to achieve good results in my upcoming exam. it doesn't really matter to me anymore after what had happened to me. i rather chose to be the quiet type and not the noisy type anymore. won't talk unless my friends ask me questions. i just couldn't believe that my sister said that i'm funny. Can you please repeat that again? I'm funny? LOLX. I burst into laughter. I couldn't imagine my sister said that to me really. I can't even make people feel i'm funny. i'm just a serious and cool person in everyone's heart. hehe. I guessed my sister saw the other side of me. hehe. hm.. i was quite moody today. damn moody. i neither wanna speak nor talk to anyone. something that i'm unhappy about. nobody can help me but my mummy. sob. =( Can i turn back the time? pretty please!!! haih..

today i attended a lecture at 9am with the seniors. spotted shuyin. hehe. hmm. continued another lecture in the same hall. then, we went to collect the results slips and went for lunch at wangsa maju. went back and chitchatted. two friends of ours joined us. we went back to university before 5pm to attend another lecture. the end of today. :)