Chinese New Year. =)


I was glad that it was Chinese new year. :D I woke up early and had ‘mee suah’. Again my daddy cooked them. :) After breakfast, my sis and I got ourselves ready. Lolx. Sis was wearing purple stripes tee while I wore red. Haha. She wore everything in purple except for the pants. Thank god. Blek. We took a few photographs as usual. HAHA

We went to visit all the aunts after that. Took a lot of pictures as usual. Haha. Oh no, i took a nap in my aunt’s house.! Hahaha. I was lying on the floor and dozed off. Heehee. Actually we were supposed to watch a tvb drama series with cousins but I just fell asleep. :P And I skipped my lunch.


p/s: I only upload two pictures. Sorry guys.

We went back home and had dinner. Initially I didn’t want to eat dinner. But since mummy was grumbling and worried that I might had gastric, so I just ate it.

Went to bed after that. Pretty tired though. Looking forward to meet my nieces and nephews the next day.