a day before new year eve. :)

24th January 2009

I woke up early in the morning. Got myself ready to go to Sungai Bakap And picked my baby up from the Ns Camp. Woohoo!! I’m excited to see her. :D We started our journey at 10 something cause we are not allowed to fetch her back till 2.30pm. but she told us that we can visit her at 12pm.
And to my surprise, my daddy drove rather slow and steady. Maybe it was because he wanted to reach there by 12pm. It was my first time sitting on daddy’s car with slow and steady speed. Before we reached my baby’s camp, we went for breakfast at Jawi. Eating ‘chai kueys’. Delicious I would say. It was daddy’s favourite place. I guessed he introduced good and delicious delicacies to all his friends as well as making that place become famous. LOLX.

I'm lazy to write captions on my pictures. So, let my pictures do the talking. :P

And we continued our journey and reached at her camp about 11.35am. There was an event-regarding kayaking. Then, we walked further down to look for my sister. We were not supposed to see her till the event was over. After the event, we went to the registration counter and called her name. Finally she walked towards us. I hugged her. Hehe. Oh no, she is getting taller and skinnier. Sob. How I wished I could grow tall some more. Haih. But never mind. As long as I’m taller than her. *evil grins*

My mummy wanted to see the commandant to extend my sis’s holiday. At first our intention was just to extend the holiday but the management gave us the permission to go back on the spot. I was delighted. HEhe. :D She hurriedly went back to her dorm and collected her stuffs and got ready to go back. HEEhee.

My dad was waiting in the car while we waited for her to collect her hp back from the trainer. Then, here we were. GOING BACK TO TAIPING!!! WHEE. We reached home finally. Then I helped my mummy with cookies. My sis helped us as well. :D Not bad actually. Haha. Praising myself . :P

My cookies. :D

My cookies were done. Heehee. =)

After baking, I helped mum to continue our cleaning. This time I asked bro to help as well. He was lazy. *tongue’s out* I asked him to contribute as well. Haha. In the evening, I fetched my sis out by bike. Not to say go out actually. Just riding around my housing area. All of a sudden, the rain came. Sob. We couldn’t ride for another round again. Never mind. Some other time then.

Later at night, mummy and daddy went for new year dinner. Meanwhile I fetched my sis and aunt out to collect things from my aunt. We went back after a moment. My sis and I squeezed ourselves on my bed cause we wanted to sleep together. Hehe. Both of us planned to sleep early. But eventually we talked nonstop till 12am. Haha. Finally we dozed off. :P