Missions are yet to accomplish..

- bus ticket to go back to taiping during cny.
- watch to be taken for repair
- book shelves and study table to be bought.
- books to be carried to my new home from shuyin's house.
- washings

I had a nice sleep yesterday. :D It was quite cold and windy. *blow* I woke up early to wash my bed sheet, pillow case and blanket. hooray! I had completed a task of the day. :D then, i heard a good news. hmm. was delighted to hear that. i will have a week break for my holiday. whee. :) after hearing such good news, i hurriedly woke my friends up from next door. i wanted to go to pudu and buy bus ticket. I can't wait to go back. :) there goes my busy day again. quickly got myself ready and prepared to walk to lrt station to go to pudu. *praying hard* Hopefully i get to buy bus ticket. We walked along Petaling Street and looked up for places to have our lunch. hmm..we were too hungry actually. I had wantan mee for lunch while others had other kinds of mee. lolx.

Then we headed to pudu to buy my bus ticket. luckily the luck was on my side. whee. i got to buy it. was happy. hehe. i completed another task again. hmm..then four of us walked back to lrt station and headed to klcc. wanna to repair my watch. two of my friends stopped at romp while my room mate and i walked to Swatch Shoppe. I showed them my watch. The salesman almost laughed. Cause the strap wasn't in good condition. terrible and horrible i would say. haha. But thanks to the salesman, i got to change the strap. and it had turned into new watch. haha. It didnt cost me that much. Not expensive after all compared to my sis. whee. Another task had completed. :)

then we walked around klcc to have a look. walked till we felt our legs were numb. haha. i didnt do shopping in kl for such long hours for 3months already. hehe. we went to have a look at the shops we wanted to go badly. hmm. i spotted a pair nike shoes that i love. now was in a thinking process. lolx. hmm. we took a picture before we went back. haha. the decoration was nice.

We were supposed to go back before 8pm due to some reasons. All of a sudden, a friend of my room mate called her asking her to go back ASAP. hmm. pity my room mate. we had to queue up to buy our lrt passes. The queue was DAMN long! oh no! what should we do? but we couldnt do anything. just have to wait patiently. haih. hopefully my room mate got the number. *pray* My room mate walked alone to condo while three of us walked to jusco. Had to complete another task of the day. hm..too many things to do but so little time. :( went to look for my table and book shelves. Oh god! i saw them. But the promoter said they couldnt deliver for me on tomorrow. haih. i had to wait till thursday cause they will only send on thursday. haih. i was hoping that my friend's car can operate by tomorrow. then, i can buy my table and bookshelves. :) i spotted two cute cows printed on a bag and took a photograph of it while walking. lolx

Later on, we went to eat dinner. rather hungry. my meals werent on time for few days. sob. no wonder my gastric is back. =( too bad i didnt bring my medicine here. sob. we went home later by cab. too tired to walk. stupid taxi driver. scolded us for no reasons. how were we suppose to know that his cab is ready to fetch passengers? we thought he was waiting for his customers. When we were looking at him, he just ignored us.DAMN. i can remember his car number plate-HBA 524. DO NOT HIRE THIS CAB OKAY?

As soon as i reached home, i wanted to go back to my room and sleep. OH NO!! I forgot to bring my house keys. sob. i will just have to wait at my friend's house for someone to open the door for me. while waiting we chit-chatted. after awhile, i walked back to my house and my housemate opened the door for me. :D i can finally rest on my comfy mattress. Meanwhile i was blogging, i was waiting for my room mate. She haven't come back. pity her. She havent eat her dinner too. :( So today my mission of the day couldnt be accomplished. only part of it.

- bus ticket.
- washings
- watch

I had promised shuyin that i will go over to her house to visit her and collect my books as well. but i didnt. too busy whole day. hopefully tomorrow i can. so sorry girl. :( Tomorrow will be my 1st day of my second semester starts. Hopefully it will be a brand new life for me. :)