Another outing. :)

Went to klcc to repair my watch after my lecture. AGAIN? Haih. The salesman didn't fix it properly the last weekend. So i have to send it back to the shop to repair again. hmm. Ws, hh and i waited for a friend to collect their pay slips. They used to work in Sakae Sushi. After that, we headed to Pavilion. We just walked around in Pavilion. And we spent most of our time in Padini Concept Store. hehe.

By the time we wanted to go to Sungei Wang, it was quite late. hmm. We took a lot of pictures before we left for Sungei Wang. hehe. My favourite pastime. :D My friends did a lot of shopping. I couldn't get anything cause my mind wasn't on shopping. I was thinking of something that is not going to happen anytime. haih. Just rather upset when i heard about it. Only my aunt knew about it. Almost cried when i found out. =(

There was an event in Sungei Wang. A few actors and actresses from some ntv7 show came to play games with the spectators. Damn. They were hot and pretty!! I took a few pictures from far. I could only see their backs. Haih. :( Later we walked to the concourse floor and took a closer look at them. whee. I couldnt stop from seeing them. I managed to take a picture of the group. But it wasn't nice. At the end of the event, they distributed angpows to all the spectators. I got a lot of angpows from them. whee. A friend of mine managed to get free poster. That cute actor gave her when she raised her hand up. lolx.

Above was the best shot that i had taken. So sorry. hehe.

We felt tired after that and went back. FYI, i skipped my dinner. hoho. I didn't have the appetite to eat. Chaoz. Hope tomorrow will be a better day for me.. :)

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