Yesterday, i borrowed a novel from my course mate. The title of the novel is "Forgiveness". After reading it, i finally know what is the true definition of forgiveness. From the novel, i had learnt the real meaning of my life. Do you guys really know what is the meaning of the word 'forgiveness'? Let me share the contents of this novel.

Forgiveness is the willingness to let go of the hurtful past. It is the decision to no longer suffer, to heal your heart and soul. It is also the choice to no longer find value in hatred and anger. Besides it is also about letting go of the desire to hurt others or ourselves because of something that is already in the past. Forgiveness is also the process of letting go of your attachment to the negative thoughts in your mind. It is the process of healing your own mind and own soul as well.

Through forgiveness, we received all that our hearts could ever want. We are released from our fear, anger, hatred and pain to experience oneness with each other. When we forgive, our wounds of past grievances are cleansed and healed. Besides that, forgiveness can also erase the shadow of the hurtful past.

I had faced a lot of situations which would really hurt me. Initially i did not plan to forgive anyone who had hurt me after such things had happened. But after reading this novel, it had changed my whole perceptions of life. Why would i live in the world of sadness where i have the choice to choose to live in happiness? And the book is just like my brain. It knows everything that i had been through.

However there are side effects of holding unforgiving thoughts in our minds that can have a very negative impact on our well-being. Here are just a few of the physical problems that maybe associated with an unforgiving mind.
-pains in the neck
-lack of energy

I did think of not forgiving people after what had happened. But in the end, it will only hurt ourselves and most importantly it will also affect our health. Why should i be a stupid person to let such tiny matters affect me? NO right? We only live once in our lifetime. Therefore, i truly agree with the author that we should forgive everyone no matter it is their fault or not. But if we forgive them, that doesn't prove or mean anything. It is just the matter of forgiving someone. It definitely will help you a lot when you start to learn to forgive someone. =)

Definitely it is difficult to forgive people when we listen to the advice of the egos, which tells us that we are doing the healthy thing by punishing the person who has hurt us and withholding our love from them. There is always a choice to be made:- We can listen to the voice of love or to the voice of the ego. how can we tell when it is the ego talking? The voice of ego always comes from fear. It leaves us in the state of conflict. When we listen to the unforgiving mind of the ego, it will give us countless reasons why we should not forgive, always hiding from the fact that we don't forgive we are the ones who suffer.

From the novel, i had picked up a few quotes from the novel :

"Gentleness and tenderness are the brothers and sisters of forgiveness."

"Forgiveness is the bridge to God, love and happiness."

"To not forgive is a decision to suffer."

"To forgive, have a willingness to give all your anger and anguish to God."

So hurry up and get the novel to read!! I bet you will feel better after reading this novel.

The book has them all - the roots of unhappiness, what is forgiveness, the unforgiving mind, the top twenty reasons why we don't forgive, removing the obstacles to forgiveness, miracles of forgiveness and stepping stones to forgiveness.

ENJOY!! =)

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