hm. i went to university alone today. thank god. i managed to get on the bus. :D hm. went for maths' tutorial. oh god! miss my lil brother. miss chatting with him. p/s: he is good at flirting. lolx. haha. hm. went to look for miss wong. sad to say i got bad news over here. pretty sad.later on, we went for brunch in the university's cafeteria. jy, jh, sy, kk and i chatted nonstop. talking about my three months' holiday and how i enjoyed my life in taiping. lolx. thanks guys. thanks for sharing.

after awhile, i joined my friends for lunch at tbr. i wasn't eating cause i was too full. ordered a cup of drink instead. then, went to the library and did some revision. GOD!! I was pretty stressful at that time. worrying about lotsa things. haih. i felt so down suddenly. later we went for dynamic lecture. happy to say the class was cancelled. there was no electricity at that moment. whee. but we still had lectures to go on. an hour later, the lights were on. haih. we had to continue another two lectures. we ended our lectures today at 6pm. :) headed to wangsa for dinner right after our lectures. Oh no!! the food that i ordered was extremely big. i was forced to finish it. not wanting to waste food. haih. i think i will gain another kg in my fat stomach. :( went back home and here i am - BLOGGING!! gotta stop here. wanna finish up all my tutorials. tomorrow will be a busy day for me. haih. i hope i don't upset you. wait till i'm free then i will do it for you kay? muax muax.