son of the bitch...

yup.i'm the bitch. the most cruel bitch of all. but i'm a stupid bitch. being treated like a fool for the past two years.. TWO YEARS!!!!! i couldnt believe with my own eyes that i was treated like an idiot fool for two years. wow!! anger and hatred fill the surroundings. how i wish i can scold someone right now. lolx. but i don't think i'm able to. but i should learn from now. since everyone thinks i'm the evil among the evil, wicked among the wicked and bitch among the bitch right? 

yeah yeah... finally what i had done had been paid off... thanks for letting me know the true colour of yourself. now i know i'm the real idiot without brain sticking onto my head. FINE!! being the good girl isnt what people wish for maybe? hmmm..

from now on, i will have to be my new self. should be more wild. wicked one... and trying to flirt around. being the play girl will be the best to describe my true self. haha. good idea!! good idea!! i should go to night club and go for  clubbing more. or else i'm so outdated among people. i must also learn to seek people's advice. find more people to support me and hear my problems. perhaps i can find the real me by doing so?can love the person that i don't love at all? haha. hmm. baby, you are my love.. thanks... =)

*red represents anger and hatred*
~ listening to rock songs.. lolx