My home.. :D

Sorry guys. Was too busy to keep myself blogging on time. Here was the post of two days ago.

I started my day by going to morning market with mummy and daddy. Initially, bro had promised to tag along. But he couldn’t wake up cause it was just 6.30am. haha. I woke up rather early cause I’m feeling excited. I had no idea why was I feeling excited at that time. :P Perhaps new year is coming soon. Whee. The morning market was so crowded though it was rather early. Everyone was busy shopping for groceries for Chinese New Year. Hmm. Later, daddy took us for breakfast at Green House area. After breakfast, we went back home. I helped my mummy to continue her cleaning. While we were busy cleaning, I turned on the hi-fi set and played some music. It was kinda relaxing when we did cleaning while listening to music. :P
After the whole day of housework, my brother sent me to post office to collect my registered letter. When I found out what was the content of the letter, I was delighted and happy. Hopefully right after Chinese new year I will be able to get it. *pray*
Brother later sent me to maxis centre to consult them regarding my hand phone number. Thank god it was ok.  I’m glad. My mummy wanted to get some ingredients for daddy to cook. We went to tesco instead. Crazy brother was hungry. Haha. We were going to have a new year dinner at night. So we stopped him from eating. We went back home and prepared for attending dinner. =)
I was too full cause all the food was in big portions. Haih. But the food was really delicious. Yummy. =) Then, we ended the dinner with firecrackers. It was beautiful. We went back home later on. Had a great day . Enjoyed with my family a lot. How I wished my sister was there too. Sob sob. Hmm..i miss her so much. =D

Here there are : PICTURES! Heehee.