My First Time. :D

Date: 21st Jan. :)

Yea yea. It was my first time. Yup. My first time to go for karaoke session. It was great. Just i cant sing some of mandarin songs cause i don't know how to read mandarin. hee hee. They didnt provide the pin yin version for me. So i couldnt really sing. HAIH. But thank god i can speak well. HAHA. As if i can. I felt shy cause i cant sing well like my coursemates did. How lousy i am. I used to sing karaoke at home when i was small. But due to certain circumstances, i stopped practising already. LOL. When my coursemates asked me to sing using the microphone, i was shy actually. I dare not sing in front of many people. And i sang alone too. *face turned red* Furthermore some of the songs i chose weren't the type they wanted. I hope i didnt make you guys felt bored. So sorry guys. But thanks for spending your time with me. Sorry ya. I'm orignally from 'kampung'. It isn't weird if i told you that i never been for karaoke session before. :D We went to Sungei Wang right after our lectures. But due to certain reasons, both lectures were cancelled. Haih. Wasted 2hours in the university doing nothing. HAIH.

And for your information, I ate a lot. Everything they had on the table i just grabbed them. Ate nonstop till i felt satisfied with it. lolx. The food weren't that bad as what my course mate had mentioned before. I had gained a few kgs in my stomach again. sob sob. During the karaoke session, we played a lot. There were some funny moments too. Oh ya, i begged the waiter to give me extra angpow packets. HAHA. How greedy am i! Initially he didnt want to give me extra until i made sad faces in front of him. lolx. thanks for the good service anyway. :D By the way, he looked cute. HEEheee. As usual i camwhored. (my favourite pastime) :P Took a lot of pictures with my coursemates. =) Had a great time with all of you before i'm going back to taiping to celebrate my Chinese New Year with my family. whee. Looking forward to meet my baby especially. :D And too my lil bro, don't miss me too much. And please stop flirting around! Or else i will chop you into pieces. haha.

p/s: i had accomplished a mission. whee. :D