i was waiting for my baby's call since yesterday. finally she called. but too bad i didnt have the opportunity to talk to her. she was sick!!!! sob. she was puking all the way and the clinic over there gave her an off day. haih...pity her!!! mummy and daddy, quickly bring her back!!! was just only a week i didnt see her and now i had started to miss her already. =(

i'm going back to kl soon with new year resolutions. hehe. new determination and new dream. whee. finally i knew what were the scenes behind the stories. hmm...lazy wanna explain further more. hehe.

oh god!! i couldn't sleep the whole night. stomach was aching all the way. Damn you stomach!! ish.

yesterday i went to meet up with my paper friend. hehe. he was supposed to be promoted to manila card. but due to certain reasons he was downgraded again. but this time with a SIRIM logo in it. That means the papers are approved by SIRIM. LOLX. a great chat with you. just miss those times crapping with you really. and thanks for the support ya. :) sad to say that he is leaving tonight. take care my friend. enjoy studying ok? =)

i'm sad that i'm gonna leave my mummy and daddy. mummy, please make your wish come true. seriously, we support you. :) no matter where and what you did, you will always have our support. =) muax muax..


  1. thanks for ur support ya! haha.. i wish u all ur dreams come true!! happy always ya! take care..

  2. hard ok? take care...:)


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