a busy day for me.

Could you believe that i had lectures and tutorials from 9am till 7pm? It's like took me half a day to end my day just for classes. HAIH. I woke up at 7.30am to get ready. I couldn't feel the tiredness cause i slept rather early yesterday after did some revision.

Oh ya! My beloved daddy called and wondered whether i know how to go to Pudu Raya to go back to hometown this coming thursday. And YES!!! It's my first time going back alone. MY FIRST TIME!! Couldn't believe it? lolx. Yes i am! My 20 years of life and this is going to be my first time going back alone by bus. haha. I know i'm a spoilt brat ok? :P But so what? Not to say only my dad worried about me, even my brother kept calling me last time when i was told to go to Pudu Raya alone and met him there. Luckily you accompanied me. But now? No more. I will be alone by myself. =) Adui. Learn to be independent please! My dad had promised me to bring my car to kl if only my sis plan to study in kl. hmm...please girl!! make my wish come true! *shh* With my car in kl, i can fetch her back to taiping if both of us are free during weekends. hehe. *evil* Hopefully i get to drive my kenari in kl. I wanted it badly since no one uses my car after my sis and i left. With the help of kenari, it helps me a lot. I can go back to taiping whenever i want. hehe. Gonna persuade daddy again. :P

Alright back to my lectures. Attended four hours of lectures straight in the SAME hall. Then, went for lunch at cafeteria. Later went for tutorial class at SE block. But the tutor didnt come. So here comes my day. CHITCHATTING!! lolx. I chatted a lot with my groupmates. We even shared problems among each other. haha. And again, my noisy lil brother kept praising himself. eww!! :P All of us chatted for two hours before continuing for another tutorial in SD block. HAIH. After the tutorial, we headed to dk2b for an hour lecture. We ended the lecture early but i COULDNT go back yet. :( Cos i have to attend another tutorial which ended at 7pm. I was so quick cause the bus wouldnt wait for me. Thank god my tutor let us dismissed early and i managed to get on the bus. And i reached home safely. :D Too busy for me. =( Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me.

p/s: i'm getting better day by day. thanks baby. :D thanks for giving me a call. =)