no one will predict the future...

Yes! it's right! no one will ever predict the future. when you changed yourself, nothing else that matters anymore. the talks and promises you gave were liars right now. how i wish i never believe in first place. haih. why am i being so stupid? being fooled around just like a toy? of all people, why you are the one? why???????? whatever best friends or good friends are just FAKE! like mummy said, give yourself a second chance. like baby said, a jackass and jerk like you shouldn't exist in my life! why would my sis and i trust your words??? why???? i really don't understand why... from now on, i will make you DISAPPEAR from my life! and to all my friends, never really trust a person like you are giving everything. but of course not SEX okay? lolx....

flashing back the year 2008 bringing a lot of sweet memories. however there were the bad ones too.

January till April 2008 - was working in Living Cabin. i had great times with my colleagues. =) miss you guys so much. =)

March 2008 - STPM results were out. were trembling like a leaf. haha. but dint do quite well. promise parents to do better next time. i am proud of my buddies who scored 4 flat in STPM> congrats guys!

May 2008 - the worst year of my life. my new handbag was snatched. with new phone ( bought less than 3months. sob), new camera, and everything new in it. be more alert please!!!

end of May 2008 - went to further my studies in Kampar. was worried about the course transfer. =( finally, managed to get it but sad to leave all my besties. =(

June - Sept 2008 - leave Kampar for KL to continue my studies.

AUGUST 2008 - my beloved grandma had passed away. i didnt know about ah ma's death till i reached home that weekend for weekend break. after all i didnt go back for more than 6 weeks. and i wanted to see my grandma so much since i didnt see for the past 6 weeks. =( that was my first and last time to see my beloved ah ma..couldnt attend the funeral cause i had exam on the next day. so sorry ah ma... but you will always remain in my heart. :D

mid of Sept 2008 till Jan 2009 - going back to taiping for semester break. woohoo!!